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Okatie Swap Meet offers individuals a great low-cost option to make money. You can rent a booth at our swap meet for as low as $15/day. The money that you make can vary depending on the items that you sell, the competition that you have, and the demand for the items that you sell. Becoming an Okatie Swap Meet vendor is simple. This information will cover the basics of getting set up as a vendor.


We offer covered spaces available for rent under a 100 ft  awning . We operate every Saturday from 8am - 2pm*. Vendors may start setting up their booths as early as 7am.
Spaces include a 6ft table in a 10x10 space. Spaces are $15 per day, if reserved and paid for before Friday @ 6pm. Spaces are $20 per day if paid for day of set up. Spaces can be reserved and prepaid at the office in-person, over the phone, or through Venmo or PayPal.  The "reserved/prepaid” spaces are located under the awning. These spaces can be rented months, weeks or days in advance. Additional overflow spaces are offered, only if all reserved spaces have filled, for $10 per day but are not covered or protected under the awning. Pop-up shade tents are allowed for these uncovered spaces. Vendors can bring their own tent or rent one through Uptown Auctions for an additional $10 per day. 
To become a "permanent" vendor and reserve the same space every week, please see management to make arrangements.

Remembering to make a reservation and prepay is the vendor's responsibility. We do not send reminders!

*Hours of operation are subject to change without notice

 Uptown Auctions will provide vendors with FREE advertising! Once set up is complete, usually around 8:30am, management will come around and take pictures of all the booths, create an ad  and post it to the Okatie Swap Meet and Uptown Auctions Facebook pages. These sponsored ads are paid for by Uptown Auctions and are guaranteed to reach everyone following the social media pages or within the marketing area of Okatie Swap Meet. 

Vendors are allowed to park temporarily near their reserved space while loading and unloading goods. Once set up is complete, vendors are required to park behind the building in the grass parking area. No exceptions will be made.

All Vendors agree to obey the following rules as a condition of rent:
Reserved spaces must be paid for in advance
Renters may not sublet, loan, or sell their booth(s).
Okatie Swap Meet is not responsible for merchandise brought in or sold by any vendor.
Renters are responsible for displaying their wares in a safe manner.
All merchandise must be kept within the lines of their assigned space.
No Pets allowed.
No Electric heaters, coffee pots, etc. All electronics must be kept at low volume.
Renters must keep their area clean.
Trash cans are placed near vendor booths but are not specifically assigned to vendor spaces.
Vendors are solely responsible for set up and break down of their assigned space.
No merchandise can be left on premises for any reason after break down is complete and Okatie Swap Meet has closed.
If a prepaid-reserved space is not occupied by 10am Saturday, management reserves the right to re-rent the space and NO REFUNDS will be issued.
Uncalled for rudeness will not be tolerated.
Vendors may be required to show proof of payment if a discrepancy occurs
Management reserves the right to relocate renters for any reason
Management reserves the right to expel or refuse rental for any reason
Alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, firearms, and pornographic material are prohibited. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Illegal merchandise, including counterfeit merchandise bearing registered trademarks, is prohibited.
Renters must be packed up and off the premises by dark.
Food Vendors must comply with current DHEC requirements


  NO refunds will be issued.  If cancellations are made 5 days prior to the date reserved, booth rental will roll to the next market date. If cancellations are made less than 5 days prior to market, it is under Okatie Swap Meet/Uptown Auctions discretion to roll to future markets.  To cancel your booth, you must submit a cancellation request in the form of an email, phone call, or text. Funds will not be credited to a future market(s) if contact is not made.  In the event of inclement weather,  rain checks for "overflow" vendors, not under the awning, will be issued at 10 am in the form of a voucher to sell another day. Rain checks for vendors under the awning will be offered at the management's discretion. Rain checks for "overflow" vendors, who paid $10 for a booth, can be used to rent any available space at future markets. The voucher will be applied as a $10 credit towards the rental fee.  

Click here to contact us about Booth Rentals or call us at 912-604-9447